Have you ever noticed that the saddest person always has the most beautiful smile?


He’s never gonna live it down

A bit late, but happy birthday you doof.


For my final project in school i am directing a zombie film! Feel free to donate if you want. We offer neat perks!

Heres the kickstarter for the short film i am prepping to direct. Inspired by evil dead, walking dead, left 4 dead, and the last of us. Its a zombie film that we are shooting in the same style of breaking bad and american horror story.
We are succeeded in getting what we set, but all the extra money receive will help us immensely. 1$ is our base submission and it goes up from there, $55 gets you a love letter written by the crew and I while very drunk at the after party! (Personal fav) Any amount is greatly appreciated though and will make my show that much better. Anything you guys can spare would be so awesome.